Fourth Series
We're glad to show you the fourth series of Gusto Robusto's art prints. For this edition, Gusto Robusto selected four talented illustrators such as Brandon Ragnar Johnson, Francesco Bongiorni, Maria Grønlund and Marta Sorte.
New Pantone color palette, new artworks!
Description of the illustrations
Limited edition series (100 copies total)

Carry On
made by Brandon Ragnar Johnson
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
I like illustrations with movement and a bit of mystery.
In this piece I don’t know where they’re coming from or where they’re going but I’d like to be along for the ride.
Speedpaint video
Video editing by Matteo Reato.
made by Francesco Bongiorni
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints

 This illustration comes off the memories of the Greek's mythology illustrated books that I used to browse in childhood. Thanks to these suggestions I can feel free between hatchings and curly, and find myself again in the flavors and memories of mythological animals and beasts made by Libico Maraja or John Flaxman.
Between Worlds
made by Maria Grønlund
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
The pale pink elements floating on a the cyan background resem­ble pretty rose petals—and yet not. As you look closer they ap­pear to be hollow, maybe even fleshy, like organs. The mysterious shapes appear to be neither animal or plant—or maybe both?
Could it be organs that flourish and grow independent of a body?
The sharp shadows under the elements indicate they float on a (water) surface in bright light supporting the idyllic yet surreal feel. Stylistic it’s also difficult to depict whether the elements are abstract or literal. This leaves the viewer in a field between two worlds where nothing can be labeled or be definitely categorized.
The growth of the Tadpole
made by Marta Sorte
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
It’s not easy to become the king of frogs. Even the home’s pond seems a small world to the tadpole and climbing still be a massive undertaking. With this illustration I wanted to talk about a journey which is also an adventure in the depths, between algae and water lilies in 5 Pantone colors!
Speedpaint video
Video editing by Matteo Reato.
Print Process
Here you can see some photos during the printing process.
Colors have been checked and selected to express every illustration at the best. 

The fourth series has been exposed at the exhibition "Gusto Robusto - Vectorial art prints" in Treviso - Italy.

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