The video is a commercial for Unreal Aestate, an inter-dimensional housing company that wants to conquer our galaxy with its incomparable offer of residential solutions on the parallel world of Aeterna. The objective of the video is to tease the Househaeds NFT collection, attracting the customers towards the website, which will be the main touchpoint, linking the lore to the commercial offer.
Here the link to the Househaeds NFT collection's gallery.

Client: ©Aeterna Labs, Inc.
Creative directors: Marco Cantalamessa - Marco Giannone
Script: Rodolfo Croce
Lead illustrator: David Sossella
Illustrator: Sara Penco
Animation: Paolo Luca

Some sketches made for the main characters.

Color concept, turn around and a special pose for the main character, the termite. You can see also the unusual couple made by an inflatable man and his wife, a giant jellyfish and some monsters of the dark planet you see at the beginning of the video.

The initial part of the video was set in space with many solar systems to quickly zoom in on to discover the destruction of a planet or the monstrous creatures of another. Then we get to the part dedicated to the termite, the protagonist of the video, owner of a space real estate agency. The environments wanted to remember the 70s and the teleshopping of those years.​​​​​​​

You can see some videos time-lapse of the main characters and one of the backgrounds in order to study the colors and the style of the video.

Some of the graphic elements made for the video.


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