David Sossella X Bullfrog - Agnostico
Bullfrog is an Italian brand that deals with both Barbershops with several shops both in Italy and abroad and high quality beard products. For many years for Christmas they have involved an artist to create a limited edition of their flagship product Agnostico. We collaborated for the 2023 creation, creating both the packaging of the product and the box, and the entire setup of the Milan flagship store. We also created several merch items such as t shirts, stickers etc.
The brief required inventing three creative paths that had to do with the frog, the brand's symbolic animal, and creating personalized lettering for the Agnostico brand.
Three creative ideas were presented.
1) A Bullfrog, where the frog's body is actually a mix of the bodies of a frog and a bullfrog.
2) A psychedelic frog from whose back eyes emerge and then hover in the air. This concept recalled the hallucinogenic effects of some frogs.
3) a classic barber shop where the characters are frogs. This version paid homage to underground American comics and in particular Vaughn Bodé.
The selected idea by the client was number 1. Here the concept was developed in more detail arriving at the following definitive rough.
Final Illustration
Starting from this concept, two definitive variants were developed, one set during the day and the other at night. The customer asked for two color versions of the same illustration to be able to create 2 collectibles, hence the idea of creating a daytime scene and the other night scene
Vector Version
Considering the need to create store layouts with large prints, I created the vector version of the illustration. All the graphic elements useful for creating the store layout were then extrapolated from this file.
Below you can see the created packaging.
Process Video

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