Sony Music NFT project
This project was born with the idea of combining the NFT world with story telling. Ten artists, in collaboration with international screenwriters, created their own universe. Each artist represented ten series of illustrations which, accompanied by a text, described the world created by 4 hands with the writers.
Here below you can see some materials produced by me for the first 5 series.
The series tells various aspects of a school for young assassins, each of them with their own special power and own specialization. The illustrations show the story of these boys, who are not only murderers but also doctors, technicians, theorists etc.
Series 1
The arrival at the school, where the director and his deputy await the students who are sorted into their specializations and via several sentient airships brought to their part of the school.
Series 2
Some of the school's talent scouts also wander around the city's slums to scout for talent, for example finding them in the numerous clandestine fights that take place every night.
Series 3
The canteen is divided by class of students, but at the same time it is the place where everyone meets. Often, the technicians, envious of the more popular assassins, find ways to play pranks and start fights.
Series 4
In the exam with the patient cyborg, things can go very wrong and trigger angry scenes.
series 5
The dormitories are places to hang out, but they are guarded by RABots.

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