Various Vehicles Illustrations. Almost all these illustrations are vector based designs. 
I love to draw vehicles!!!!!
"The Tank and the dragon" what better secret weapon than a dragon fires flames
"Think Tank" A giant bad brain controls a super tank with a towed missile"
"Flyng boat" a flying merchant plows the skies of the Veneto
"Armored rolls royce" with a small dragon suitable for surprise attacks
"Tarobo"  Tarobo is one of the Dai Tengu, and he loves to go on the cliff of the mount Atago with his magical little car 

"Love Nature" A soldier who loves nature always keeps a vase of beautiful flowers with him
"Strange Mexican Vehicle" you can find very strange vehicles In Mexico!
"Night and Day Biker". A biker rides his 3 wheels bike night and day
"SUV" Strange creatures ride a SUV altogether
"The Hunt" Who is the hunted and who is the hunter?
"Pets on a Plane"
Vector structures
Speed Paints

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