Second Series
We're glad to show you the second series of Gusto Robusto's art prints. For this edition, Gusto Robusto selected two talented illustrators such as Gloria Pizzilli and Mirko Càmia. They joined the project with David Sossella and Sara Penco, illustrators of the first series. New Pantone color palette, new artworks!
The illustrations are linked to Gusto Robusto's e-commerce. There are also the A4 format prints.
Description of the illustrations
Limited edition series (100 copies total)
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
“797B” is the name of a formidable truck used in the quarries. It's the largest truck in the world and the best one of all the machines to become a robot-home! Probably this is what the family portrayed in this illustration should had thought. Scenes of everyday life are scattered all around the drawing.
Where are we? In which time? It's up to the imagination of the viewer.
The illustration is a brief window into another world, free to be entirely imagined and created. In this way the viewer can return to childhood becoming co-creator of a new world, full of amazing adventures.
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
In this artwork, a cascade of fabric hosts huge koi carps and water lilies. Reality and illusion blur each other, solid and liquid are mixed together. The koi carps, extremely alive, swim fast under the silk's surface. Nothing all around, silence, a sky without stars. Exactly where the pure soul looks to, towards the vastness of the cosmos, searching for answers.
Crazy Town
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
With this illustration Mirko Càmia reaches the meeting point between typography and illustration: using the isometric technique to make buildings become the writing "Crazy Town." A metaphorical vision of the interior with the form of a delirious urban space, angry but happy.
This is because, as the author says: "Logic does not exist, irrationality is life...".
A very detailed artwork - with more or less hidden references to the '80s and' 90s - so full of characters and particulars that can definitely represent the taste of Gusto Robusto.
Spiritual Wellness
48x68cm or 18"x28"
Limited Edition of 100 prints
In a world where we think too much to the exteriority and not enough to the interiority, in which wellness is synonymous of spa, the author represented the care of soul. The enchanted thermal baths are a place where spirits of the Nature use to go to relax and purify their soul. The climate is calm and comic, full of gag and oriental references. The animals are obsequious monkeys, a giant boar checking the water temperature with the grace of a dancer, a majestic deer eating a delicious Nara's waffles, the fox is not missing! Every detail is deliciously Japanese: zoori, geta, texture, torì, votive statues, ... There are also two tributes: one to Miyazaki Sensei and one to the legend that inspired more than a manga. Son Goku legend tells about a gold cloud that can be ridden only by who has a pure soul.
Print Process
Here you can see some photos during the printing process.
Colors have been checked and selected to express every illustration at the best. 
Signing and Embossing Time
Some photos about the two days passed with Gloria and Mirko signing all the prints, the guarantees and also the A4 format prints! Very exhausting days but we had fun together!
Gloria Pizzilli Artwork, recently won the prestigious "2015 Award of Excellence" by Communication Arts
"Traveling with Gusto Robusto" is the behind the scenes of Mirko's personal illustration. Look Mirko from the beginning of his idea, the realization of the vector version of his illustration and the days passed in Treviso.
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