house hAEds NFT collection
House HAEds is a collection of 10,000 NFTs + a collection of 10 individual 1/1 pieces. The individual characters are made up of approximately 270 individual elements. The graphic care instilled in the project is extreme, not only for the level of detail, but because every single building, of every single color, has received a customization of every single element, by positioning and color. In fact, it is as if every single character were a collection in itself, as if 21 collections had been generated and then all put together in a large fresco.
Brave Browser Partnership
If you are somehow close to the web3 world you surely know Brave, and perhaps you use it as your default browser. Below are some Advs for the partnership with Brave. In the first you see a neighborhood, where in the center there is a "lion house" which pays homage to the Brave logo, it is a typical San Francisco house, home of Brave.
Brave adv 1
Brave adv 2
Brave adv 3
The Collection
The collection of 10,000 pieces is made up of 7 basic Character buildings, in different colours. Each building also has a series of traits that vary randomly to create individual unique pieces. Each NFT is composed of various layers: background, background elements, body and clothes, hands, eyes, nose, mouth, glasses, hats and signature.

These elements mixed randomly give life to the 10,000 House Haeds. The difficult part is making sure that all the almost 300 elements come together in a coherent and pleasant way, without errors.

The Characters are a hybrid between houses and living beings, part of the body is buried and only one arm comes out of the ground, perhaps they grow like plants.
Base Building
these are the 7 base buildings on which the entire collection is based.
The Bronx House

The Victorian House
The Japanese House
The Tuscany Italian House
The Mountain House
The Miami House
The Cyberpunk House
The Random Collection
These are the first 65 of 10,000 pieces in the collection, randomly generated, and reposted as-is, with no selection at the door.
Actually, the collection has many other complications such as the Rarity Rank, and it was a pain in the ass to balance the character elements. There are common, rare, epic and Legendary houses, some of the traits that compose them appear less than 10 times in the whole the collection.
The 1/1 collection
The collection of 10 unique pieces cannot yet be shown. Only one of the 10 was shown, and I can therefore bring it back here to explain what it is about. These 10 House Haeds are designed individually, not combined randomly, this allowed me to have full creative freedom. The collection of unique pieces with its own theme, on the one hand takes up the stylistic features of the main collection, on the other it plays with elements of reality. The theme is precisely the reversal of the perception of reality. There are houses that melt, there are houses of which you can see the inside, with rooms and internal organs that mix, there are impossible houses, daughters of Esher. There is this one here, which at first glance is collapsing, but which is actually being reborn and rebuilding itself, animated by a green energy that gives it the strength to come back to life from the rubble.
Some Sketches
Here are some of the sketches made. In order to convey the concept well to the client, they had to be created with great precision and with all the details that would be included in the final design.
First Concept Design
These are other concepts created once the brief was received. The first version did not have the body, which it was then decided to add. Personally, it strikes me that several elements of the face from this very first design then entered the final collection, becoming partly iconic and representative of the design style. Personally, the vision of the project was already very clear to me straight away. The second house to be built was the Victorian one.
that's all folks!!! 
I hope you enjoy it!
Creative Director: Marco Cantalamessa, Marco Giannone
Illustrator Assistant: Sara Penco
Lead Illustrator: David Sossella
Client: AEterna Labs

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