Energy Star Night
Energy Star Night (formerly Energy Stars for Free) is an annual concert event in Zurich. It has been organized by Energy Zurich since 2003, together with Energy Bern since 2010 and with Energy Basel since 2012. National and international, sometimes well-known, musicians perform. ProSieben Switzerland has been broadcasting the event live since 2006. The concert tickets are not for sale, but will be raffled off or given away.
Energy Stars for Free first took place in 2003, shortly after the launch of Energy Zurich. The event, which was then still held in the X-Tra, had 1,500 spectators. The second edition took place in 2004 in front of around 4500 visitors in the Maag EventHall. The concert series has been taking place in Zurich's Hallenstadion since 2005 and attracts around 13,000 spectators each time. In contrast to the Energy Fashion Night, the Energy Stars for Free takes place in autumn/winter. In October 2016, the organizer announced that the event would be renamed Energy Star Night
official poster
Original Artwork
These are alternate versions of the artwork for the poster, originally intended for use as a limited edition print they were later simplified to fit the text and info in the final poster, The drummer has been sacrificed in the final artwork version

Social Media Post
Main Live Event
below the definitive and approved version of the sketch

several versions, with changes to the guitarist and singer
Some process video
Illustrator: David Sossella / Fresh Pencil Studio
Creative Director: Dominique Hufschmid

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