The Tiger and the Dragon
The Tiger and The Dragon are a Vector personal Project. Exploring the oriental philosophy of The Tao embodies the duality of the universe and the enlivening chi at work to balance opposing forces. Chinese mythology expresses two of those forces as a Tiger and a Dragon, or yin and yang, perfect complements.
The Tiger and the Dragon
Pulling the energies of the Tiger and the Dragon into the yin-yang symbol visualizes the interplay of light and dark energy. Typically, the light half of the symbol contains a drop of darkness and the dark half is punctuated by a drop of light. A Tiger and Dragon yin yang illustrates the ancient principle with depictions of the colorful creatures. The yang Dragon is set against the yin Tiger in a swirling dynamic curve.
The Tiger
The Tiger represents the yin or female chi, the direction West, the color white, and the element Metal. It is an embodiment of purpose and patience (much as a tiger deliberately and patiently stalks its prey). Its power is coiled and hidden deep within but a tiger can spring into action with transformative, even deadly force at will.
The Dragon
Dragon energy is male, bold, extroverted, and sky-centered. The green Dragon's direction is East and its element is Wood.
Vector's Structure
The Tiger and the Dragon vector's structure
The Tiger Vector's Structure
The Dragon Vector's Structure
Process Video
Here you can find some press videos of the various rough
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